Can I Hear a WooHoo
11 June 2015

Well it has finally arrived…the end of the harvest season…Phew! As I reflect back on the past 15 plus weeks, I have to say that this year has presented a set of different challenges, as I guess most years do. We have definitely conquered those challenges as a team, as well as navigating new territory with the harvesting and packing of the increased volumes of G3. (We still have a long way to go with storage!)

I guess having worked in a number of different industries in several countries throughout my career; it still amazes me the amount of hours worked by all and the complexity of this industry, all to get the final product to market. We have employed over 400 staff throughout the main season and harvested close to 4 million trays of fruit across 5 different varieties, and everyone has worked bloody hard to get us past the first stage. I was thinking about saying the most gruelling stage because of the hours we all put in, but if any of you have had to do repack for 5 months, you may disagree.

To have made it through this part it has taken the dedication and hard work of a number of key staff and Managers that work tirelessly in the background ensuring that we are able to get the fruit picked, packed and in a store ready to head out to market. Preparation starts months prior and it is all go when the harvest hits. I have to say that overall we have done a great job, and everyone who was a part of making this big machine run should be proud of themselves. It is a pleasure to be a part of the Hume’s team and part of a company that is so well renowned in the industry.

So to wrap up, a huge thanks to everyone this season, especially all those talented hardworking individuals who I see going the extra mile on a daily basis. I know that our growers would be extremely impressed with the level of dedication that is exhibited in this company.

Harvest is done….now onto the next…Bring on CA and Repack!!!!!!

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