Orchard Services

Orchard Services

Orchard Services

Whatever varieties you have, Hayward (HW), Gold3 (G3/GA) or Sweet Green (HE14), our team will take care of each block in its stage of development from new growth to mature vines.

Our orchard management and orchard leasing options are designed to work for you. Read more about these options below.

Orchard Management

When you choose us to manage your orchard, an Orchard Manager will take time to assess your orchard, discuss your individual needs and together with you will develop a management plan tailored for you and your orchard.

Your plan will be specific to your orchard needs, focusing on goals to maximise the full producing potential of your orchard and with it, profitable returns. Each plan will come with a working budget and operational and spraying strategies.

Your Orchard Manager will meet with you regularly to discuss on-orchard activities, allowing you to be informed and updated but giving you the flexibility to have as much or as little input as you like.

Orchard Leasing

When you sign on for Orchard Leasing, Hume Pack-N-Cool will carry out all functions on your orchard ensuring areas such as:

  • Vine and soil nutrient management
  • Psa management
  • Spray programme
  • Shelter belt maintenance
  • Fertiliser and weed spraying
  • GLOBALGAP compliance
  • Pollination
  • Frost protection and more are administered timely following best practices.

The best part is that you retain ALL profits!

Orchard Leasing reduces growers' exposure to risk by utilising the knowledge and expertise of our Grower Services team, who will care for your orchard over the lifetime of the lease.

Our Orchard Managers will outline orchard leasing budgets with costs of operations, performance monitoring and financial reporting. Our Orchard Gate Return (OGR) for our lease growers has been extremely attractive over the years and our leasing option provides growers new to the industry an easy entry into the learning curve of owning a Kiwifruit orchard.

For experienced orchardists, orchard leasing allows you the peace of mind that your orchard will be cared for by the experienced Hume Pack-N-Cool orchard team. 

Orchard Assistance

Need some help? Perhaps you might be an orchardist that is in need of assistance for certain on-orchard activities? It may be for carrying out a spraying programme, winter pruning or soil nutrient advice, labour staff needed; whatever your requirement, we are happy to help. Our Orchard Managers are ready to provide advice and a plan of action.

Mark & Kerry Hurrell
Mark & Kerry Hurrell

Good Relationship, Maximising Performance

“I have an enthusiastic orchard manager who assists us with vine management. Having a good relationship with someone you trust your orchard with is crucial to maximising the performance of your orchard. I know Hume Pack-N-Cool Ltd will follow through from picking our fruit. I was just as impressed with the technology they have in their packhouse and coolstorage facility."

Mark & Kerry Hurrell, Hume Pack-N-Cool Ltd Growers

Your Key Contacts:

Alistair Grant
Alistair Grant

Contact Details

Alistair Grant

External Operations Manager 

Phone: 07 549 1011 ext 206
Mobile: 022 380 1638
Email: alistair@humepack.co.nz

After completing a degree in Agriculture at Massey University Alistair moved to Te Puke and spent four years working for Turners and Growers as an export rep. While there he experienced the highs and lows of the industry including multiple desk selling and the 87 share market crash.

Returning from an extensive 2 year OE, he re-entered the kiwifruit industry working on orchards in Te Puke.

Marriage, two children and a twenty five year career growing commercial roses has once again seen a return to kiwifruit…………

The industry today presents a far bigger, more complex and dynamic environment and Alistair welcomes the challenges and opportunities it presents.

Simon Bowker
Simon Bowker

Contact Details

Simon Bowker

General Manager Operations

Phone: 07 549 1011 ext 205
Mobile: 027 573 8333
Email: simon@humepack.co.nz

Starting out in the industry in 2006 working for a private growing, packing and coolstore company I caught the kiwifruit bug and haven’t looked back.  To build on my practical experience and grow my understanding I completed a Certificate in Horticulture Level 4, Diploma in Horticulture with Lincoln University, Fruit Production for Profit at the BOP Polytech and the Hort NZ Leadership program in 2015.

I have spent a number of years in orchard management which has given me a good grounding before moving in to post-harvest operations and continuing to expanding my industry knowledge.  Now with a young family my Wife and I own a Green and Gold orchard and we are commited to the industry and its future in the years to come. 

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