About Us

Hume Pack-N-Cool Limited has been a family business since its inception in the early 80’s. It was the idea of the late David Hume and a project that he took on with his 4 sons in 1984 with the idea to be able to consolidate coolstorage for the local Growers and packers. This was the start of a long history of innovation with a focus on efficiency, technology and a commitment to profits for the Grower.

Today the company is 100% Grower owned with a foundation of a very loyal Grower base that comes from years of delivering returns, innovative solutions and providing a highly effective Packhouse. Hume Pack-N-Cool have the ability to operate efficiently with the view to always be at the forefront of technology and the industry, to be seen as a top performer, and continuously retaining Grower’s interests as a priority.

Since its humble beginnings in 1984, the four sons have had a huge part to play in the facilities growth and development into a large Packhouse/ Coolstore that has a 7 million tray capacity, encompassed by the space, vision and purpose to continue expanding into the future. The four sons, Mark, Jim, Owen and Gavin today, still have a large part to play in the company with varying roles and relationships in the business.

Hume Pack-N-Cool is located in the heart of Katikati in the sunny Bay of Plenty, the Mural Town, and has always understood the importance it has within the community since it was established. Hume Pack-N-Cool’s view has always been to support their community utilising local businesses and providing employment to local residents throughout the year. This (including supporting local charities and organisations) has seen Hume-Pack-N-Cool perform a considerable role in benefiting and growing the community over the last 3 decades in which Hume-Pack-N-Cool  have been operating.

Since 2008 Hume-Pack-N-Cool have also built strong ties to Tonga through the RSE program, where they have been actively resourcing staff through a government facilitated program to form a symbiotic relationship with the Pacific Island. This has allowed them to source the additional labour required to fulfil the large number of reliable seasonal staff which run the Packhouse, Coolstores and Orchards and in turn provides jobs and income for those that would normally struggle to find work in Tonga. This in turn benefits their families and communities back home as well as the community here in Katikati where they reside for up 7 months.

With their commitment to Grower returns, innovation, technology, staff and community, Hume Pack-N-Cool is as much a part of the community as the sculptures of Barry reading the newspaper on a bench, or Humphrey the beloved seal and over the years has solidified its reputation as a top performer in the industry. This has put Hume Pack-N-Cool in a unique situation to continue building on the foundation of its history well into the future with the capacity to be flexible enough to adjust, adapt and weather the ever-changing industry, to grow, expand and continue to deliver back to its growers and the community.


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