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Jayden Park
Jayden Park

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Jayden Park


I am a dairy farmer’s son out of the Waikato, which was where I first developed my passion for the primary sector.

After school, I traded in milking cows for studying at Waikato University, where I completed my honours degree majoring in Finance and Economics.

It wasn’t long and I found myself drawn back to the primary sector as a finance professional. I worked in rural banking for a period of five years and subsequently moved to kiwifruit in 2018 where I joined the team at Baygold Limited as CFO. In this role I have been able to learn about growing and developing kiwifruit orchards and expand my financial skills to positively influence successful outcomes.

I am excited about the journey that Hume Pack-N-Cool is on and am thrilled to have the opportunity to use my financial experience to add value to the business. I am also excited to expand my scope within the kiwifruit supply chain.

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