HumeChat Podcast

Today we have a very special guest... Christopher Miller, Fruitometry's CTO and Founder! Christopher talks about his background working with Emirates Team NZ, and how he moved into Fruitometry. He explains what Fruitometry is and how it can be an incredibly beneficial tool for use on Kiwifruit orchards.

Today we are just having a bit of a catch up, discussing where we are at now and where to from here. Aimee and Darshan give you some great ideas on what to start thinking about on orchard, and what should be planned for over the next few months!

Alistair is the Orchard Operations Manager at Hume Pack-N-Cool. Today we discuss with Al, how he got to where he is, his background, how he personally deals with stress and tough situations at work. We then move into winter pruning discussions, Al talks about the winter chill this year and plans for Hi Cane.

This week we have Nav back to talk Postharvest with us again, Nav is Hume Pack-N-Cool's General Manager Postharvest. We talk about what is involved with the fruit after harvest/packing, fruit quality and re-pack!

Today in part 2 Colin discusses Fruit quality, labour issues/shortages and how we can combat this going forward and the ultimate success of the industry for future generations.

Today we have a very special guest with us today- our first external guest might we add.. Colin Bond! Colin is NZKGI's current CEO, he sits down with Aimee and Darshan to discuss his personal background and how he got into the industry, he discusses what NZKGI is and what they do for NZ Kiwifruit Growers, he touches on what is involved in his role and what they are doing going forward as a company.

Today we were very lucky to have Hume Pack-N-Cool's Fruit Optimisation and Automation Manager- Chris Clement! Chris sits down with Aimee and Darshan to discuss his background, his role, how he got into the industry, inventory management and why it's important in our packhouse and coolstores. Chris's role has many aspects so it was very interesting and a very informative discussion this morning!


Welcome back to another episode of HumeChat, today we are joined by HPC's General Manager and newest Director, Simon Bowker. Simon talks about how he got into the industry, how he manages his work life balance and the direction of the company.

Bit of a Friday feel good podcast today- A little different to our usual HumeChat, today it's an insight into Aimee and Darshan's own personal experience with a challenging harvest. Today we discuss the highs and lows of a demanding harvest and how they get through it and the support from the team around them!

Mark Hume is the managing director of Hume Pack-N-Cool, he sits down with Aimee and Darshan to discuss the history of the company, how he ended up getting involved in the family business way back when the main office was a caravan and where to from here for Hume.

Aimee and Darshan meet up to discuss where we are at now, the plan for finishing up picking/packing for hayward and thoughts on winter pruning!

Aimee and Darshan sit down and chat about gearing up for Hayward!

Nav is our General Manager Postharvest at Hume Pack-N-Cool, he sits down with Aimee and Darshan to discuss our Packhouse and what makes it hum!

Aimee and Darshan discuss what's to come for the 2022 Season!

Your hosts Aimee and Darshan discuss the 2022 harvest season so far!

HumeChat is a podcast for Kiwifruit Growers in New Zealand, we will chat about Hume Pack-N-Cool, industry topics and all things kiwifruit!