Packhouse and Coolstore Operations

Our outstanding packhouse and coolstore facility is one of the best in the industry. Our team, along with our proficient operating systems ensure your fruit is handled with care every step of the way. We focus on efficiency to ensure the best packing prices and to maximise pack rates. 

Some of our key industry players can be found below:

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John Pickering
John Pickering

"I have packed with Hume Pack-N-Cool for more than 25 years. The changes I have seen in the industry have been phenomenal and with the development of new technologies, Psa and new varieties, Hume Pack-N-Cool have been working with growers to achieve the best results for all.

Hume Pack-N-Cool's grower meetings have taken it a step further, providing the sharing of ideas and access to information for those in the same district, same growing area and climate conditions. Our grower discussion meetings have been more important than ever."

John Pickering, Hume Pack-N-Cool Ltd Grower

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